Satoshi Mines

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What is Satoshi Mines?

Satoshi Mines is a game of chance played on a 5x5 minefield grid.

The object of the game is to oncover as many green tiles as you can without uncovering any red mines.

You win an increasing reward for each green tile you uncover.

Common Questions

Q: What is the unit of my balance?

Your balance is shown in bits.

  • 1 bit = Ƀ0.000001
  • Ƀ1 = 1,000,000 bits.
Q: What is the minimum bet?
The minimum bet is 30 bits per round (Ƀ0.00003)
Q: What is the maximum bet?
The maximum bet is 1,000,000 bits per round (Ƀ1)
Q: What is the minimum withdrawal?
100 Bits, or Ƀ0.0001.
Q: Can I use a web wallet (, Coinbase, BIPS, etc.) to play this game?
Yes. Withdraws from your Satoshi Mines game can be made to any bitcoin address you specify, including addresses in web wallets.
Q: How long do withdraws take to send?
Use any Bitcoin wallet to send bitcoins to the deposit address shown on your player page.
You aught to know:
You cannot cash out until all deposit transactions have at least 3 confirmations. You can check the deposits and number of confirmations by clicking the icon next to your deposit address.

How is Satoshi Mines Provably Fair?

This game uses “game hashes” to prove itself. If you've played provably fair games online before, Satoshi Mines' method will be familiar to you.

What are the game hashes?

Game hashes are how Satoshi Mines proves that each game's mine tiles are chosen when the game is created and are not tampered with. Hashes thus prove to the player that the game is fair.

When a new round is started, three of the twenty-five tiles are chosen as mines. The three tiles (represented as numbers from 1 to 25,) coupled with a random string generated by the server are hashed using SHA256. The result of the hash function is shown to you before you make your first tile choice.

Validating the fairness

After a game has been completed, the "three-number+random string" secret will be revealed. It is at this point you may validate that the SHA256 hash of the secret matches the hash that has been shown since the beginning of the round.

Online SHA256 Lookup (unaffiliated)

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