Satoshi Mines

The Bitcoin Minesweeper

Try not to hit any of the mines on the 5x5 grid. The more greens you dig up, the higher your multiplier!

Live Satoshi Mines Games

Player Bet Win Profit Game Hash Secret

Bitcoin Only

Transactions are fast, cheap, and p2p. You can exchange currencies for Bitcoin at a Bitcoin Exchange.

Better Odds

Satoshi Mines has considerably better odds than all other bitcoin mine games.

Provably Fair

Before your first guess in every round you will be shown a unique hash that will prove the mines were chosen fairly.


Deposit once and play as many rounds as you like.


Now you can play Satoshi Mines on the bus or toilet.

Mobile Wallet Support

QR Codes make it easy to deposit from your phone wallet.

Top 5 Players Today

Player Name Amount Bet Amount Won Total Winnings
Buford 19,000,000 21,025,120 2,025,120
Franklin 2,000,000 3,436,449 1,436,449
Franklin 2,000,000 3,388,380 1,388,380
Franklin 3,000,000 4,228,383 1,228,383
Franklin 3,000,000 4,228,383 1,228,383

Top 10 Winning Rounds This Past Week

Board Player Bet Cash Out Win X Next Tile
Hugo 5,000 120,200 24.04x +15,051
ZaradoZ 50,000 479,713 9.59x +125,598
ZaradoZ 217,115 1,033,673 4.76x +212,641
ZaradoZ 217,115 1,033,673 4.76x +212,641
ZaradoZ 176,918 842,295 4.76x +173,272
ZaradoZ 166,056 790,578 4.76x +162,633
ZaradoZ 264,944 1,032,621 3.9x +198,263
ZaradoZ 293,055 1,142,186 3.9x +219,300
ZaradoZ 500,000 1,616,270 3.23x +290,929
Kevin 869,900 2,359,053 2.71x +399,651

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