Satoshi Mines

The Bitcoin Minesweeper

The more greens you find on the 5x5 grid, the higher your multiplier. Try not to hit any mines or your game will end!

Live Satoshi Mines Games

Name Bet Win Profit Game Hash Secret

Bitcoin Only

Transactions are safe, simple and cheap.

Fast Deposits

Start playing after 1 confirmation

Provably Fair

Mine positions are chosen at the start of every round and can be verified after the round ends.

Better Odds

Satoshi Mines has considerably better odds than all other bitcoin mine games.


Fun to play on your commute or during boring business meetings.

Mobile Wallet Support

Integrated QR Codes make it easy to deposit from your mobile wallet.

Today's Top 5 Players

Player Name Amount Bet Amount Won Total Winnings
bit_satoshi_hell 8,099 7,820 -279

This Past Week's Top 10 Winning Rounds

Board Player Bet Cash Out Win X Next Tile
Jayred MT 100 2,404 24.04x +301
bit_satoshi_hell 44 1,057 24.02x +132
Jayred MT 44 304 6.91x +73
Jayred MT 36 198 5.5x +44
Jayred MT 239 1,129 4.72x +232
Jayred MT 36 160 4.44x +33
Jayred MT 44 195 4.43x +40
Jayred MT 239 925 3.87x +178
Jayred MT 239 925 3.87x +178
Jayred MT 62 235 3.79x +45